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I told him good night. Just because you found the sugarcane sweet doesn't mean you should eat it roots and all. I like surprises. Steven isn't sure who he should give the document to. The soldiers were guarding the bridge. We had lunch earlier than usual and went out at twelve thirty. We only need a few more minutes.

I can't start the day without my morning cereal. While I see what you say, I can't accept your offer.

Why can't we just go home? There were a lot of boats on the lake. I guess I should've helped Gypsy. He has appeared as the man of the day in today's paper. The barbers have made you look better! In signing the Treaty of Tripoli in 1796, our second President John Adams wrote, "The United States has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Muslims." I made that for you.

Is Mother scolding the horse? I interrupted Sergei. Tomorrow our professor is going back to England. That's what I hope for. She turned 16. They said they're hungry. There is a preferential price for unemployed people and the elderly. I'm not comfortable discussing this here. I cannot find time to read the book. Could I have a pillow and blanket?

Caroline exchanged glances with Shahid. What were you doing at that particular moment? We heard a cry from above. Rob asked me if I knew who Van's boyfriend was. Everyone will be satisfied. I owe my success to your help.

My name is Peggy. Claudio is subject to fits of anger. They won't know we're there. Here are their books. Curtis looked outside. I really think we're safe here. I hear that you yourself are quite the smooth operator. The clocks will be put back an hour this weekend. Robert tried to show no reaction.

We are extremely competent. Beijing is bigger than Rome. Why do you want stamps? That's not the point. I enjoy being with you.

I need to know before 2:30. It's the best hotel in this town. Don't give it to him. My room's a mess. John Muir was a famous naturalist who founded the Sierra Club. By gift of the late Mr Smith the hospital received 3,000 dollars. Do you want a dinosaur to eat? I will shoot anyone who questions my mercy. "Nice to meet you!" "Nice to meet you too!" She read a cookbook last night.

What can be keeping them? I almost got killed when I went into the burning house to save Damon.

Morgan didn't like my idea. Carisa knocked on Bryan's bedroom window. I need to send a fax. I've been away from home for a long time. Do I need to say more? I shouldn't have eaten so much. This is your handwriting, isn't it? I want to get that classic car no matter how expensive it is. She went with him to Boston. Hey, I'm talking to you.

Tell Sharan I'll call back. Marek ate up all the cookies. Have you ever seen a puppet show? Shall we dance a bit? We face many challenges. We don't have anything to eat. Since when do you care what anyone thinks? Hal stroked Kate's hair.

I didn't know the exact procedure. Isn't a problem at all, is it? Kiddo! Two medium-size drafts here. If I were you, I should not do such a thing.

We're not exactly sure. I have around thirty of them.

Stu is a two-pot screamer and it's embarrassing going to the pub with him. That's just the beginning. I'll take it from here. It's half an hour by foot from here to the station. Final exams are coming up, so I'm busy. Unicode 6.2 has 110 182 glyphs and 100 scripts. Cathy's greedy. I don't like being interrogated. Your generation didn't understand sexuality.

We need to tell everyone what happened. I will meet you off the train tomorrow. Piet hasn't talked to me about his personal life. Dennis wondered if Leo could be persuaded teach his children French. You're always in front of the TV. What is the motivation for you to drink water? I remember her. Until tomorrow.

The view from the summit of the mountain was breathtaking.

Yes, a little bit. That you will pass the exam is certain. Checks are accepted. Thank you for coming to my rescue.

I didn't know what they were. That's very touching. She has already begun. Russ knocked three times on the door. Do you think it'll work? There's something on your back. At least let me help with the table. You like it, huh? Father is coming home tomorrow.